IMF report on Growth of South Asia

Published on November 03, 2019
Current context: International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that South Asia, led by India, is moving towards becoming centre of global growth by 2040.
IMF report on Growth of South Asia  
  • IMF released the paper titled 'Is South Asia Ready for take-off? A sustainable and inclusive growth agenda,' on 4th November 2019.
  • The report has said that under a substantial liberalisation scenario, supported by improved infrastructure and young workforce, the region has the potential to contribute one-third of global growth by 2040.
  • As per the IMF survey, about 150 million people will enter the labour market by 2030 in the region.
  • Under the IMF’s geographical division of the world, Afghanistan and Pakistan are not included in the South Asia.
  • As per IMF, South Asia includes India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Maldives.


Q.1 The IMF has recently predicted which region of becoming centre of global growth by 2040?
a. South Asia region
b. South East Asia region
c. Central East region
d. Central west region

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