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National Milk Day

Current context: National Milk Day is being celebrated in India on 26th Nov 19 every year.
National Milk Day 
  • World milk day is celebrated on 1st June in entire world but in India National, Milk Day is celebrated on 26th Nov every year.
  • The day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Verghese Kurien, the Father of India’s White Revolution.
  • Dr Kurien helped in flourishing the organized milk sector in the country after Independence. 
  • He launched the Operation Flood, the world's largest agricultural dairy development programme, which made dairy farming India's largest self-sustaining industry.
  • He is also known as the Milkman of India.
  • At present, India contributes about 22% of the world's total milk production and is the largest producer of milk in the world with over 187.7 million tonnes of milk production every year.


Q.1 Who is known as the Father of India’s White Revolution?
a. Sam Pit Roda
b. Norman Borlaug
c. Dr. Verghese Kurien
d. MS Swaminathan
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