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Anaemic Mukt Bharat(AMB) Strategy

Published on December 03, 2019
Current context: Harsh Vardhan Minister of health and Family welfare told in Lok Sabha that “58.5% of children between the age of 6 month to 59 month are affected by Anaemia”.
Anaemic Mukt Bharat(AMB) Strategy 

  • He also added that 53.1% of women between 15-49 years are also anaemic.
  • To encounter this problem government has launched Anaemic Mukt Bharat(AMB) strategy under POSHAN Abhiyaan in 2018 which aims to reduce anaemia by 3% each year till 2022.
  • AMB is a 6x6x6 strategy targeting 6 age groups, with 6 interventions and 6 institutional mechanism.
  • 6 age groups are
    1. 6-59 months pre school children
    2. 5-9 years children
    3. 10-19 years Adolescent boys
    4. 10-19 years Adolescent girls
    5. 15-49 years Women of reproduction age
    6. Pregnant and lactating women
  • 6 interventions are
    1. Prophylactic Iron frolic acid supplementation
    2. Periodic deworming
    3. Addressing non nutritional cause of Anaemia in endemic pockets
    4. Special focus on malaria
    5. Haemoglobinopathies
    6. Fluorosis
  • Institutional Mechanisms includes a National Anaemia Mukt Bharat unit, Advanced research on Anaemic Control and a National centre of excellence.


Q.1 Who is the Minister of Health and Family welfare?
a. Smriti Irani
b. Ram Bilas Paswan
c. Dr Harsh Vardhan
d. Piyush Goyal
e. Dr Mahendra Nath

Q.2  Anaemic Mukt Bharat strategy is launched under _________ with the aim to reduce anaemia by 3% till ____?
a. Ayushman Bharat, 2024
b. Ayushman Bharat, 2022
c. Aam Admi Bima Yojana, 2022
d. POSHAN Abhiyaan, 2022
e. Universal health scheme, 2022
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