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China’s Largest Carrier Rocket: Long March-5

Published on December 28, 2019
Current context: China’s largest carrier rocket, Long March-5 was successfully launched from Wenchang Space Launch Center in south China's Hainan Province on 27th Dec 19.
China’s Largest Carrier Rocket: Long March-5 
  • It is the country's third attempt to launch the rocket, also known as CZ-5.
  • The first attempt was made in 2016, failed to reach the speed required for the early phase of the flight and so was the second attempt that also failed when a turbopump that injected fuel into the combustion chamber malfunctioned.
  • The rocket was launched carrying the Shijian-20 technological experiment satellite which is the heaviest and most advanced communications satellite of the country.
  • The Shijian-20 satellite will be used to test:
    1. Key technologies of the DFH-5 platform
    2. China's new-generation large satellite platform
    3. Offer communication and broadcasting service
  • The Long March-5 is a two-stage rocket that is capable of carrying a payload of 25 tonnes into the low Earth orbit.
  • The rocket is capable of sending probes to explore Jupiter and other planets in the solar system.


Q.1 Which country has successfully launched its largest carrier rocket, Long March-5 in the third attempt recently? 
a. Iran
b. Israel
c. China
d. UAE
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