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Indian Navy Day 2019

Current context: Indian Navy Day is being celebrated across the country on 4th Dec every year.
Indian Navy Day 2019 
  • The day signifies the achievements and role, the Navy plays in securing the country's marine borders.
  • The date i.e. 4th December is chosen in honour of the maritime force's role during the war with Pakistan in 1971.
  • In the war, Indian warships attacked Karachi port and successfully thwarted Pakistani operations in the western coast.
  • During Operation Trident, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels including PNS Khaibar.
  • Theme of 2019 is "Indian Navy - Silent, Strong and Swift".
  • The Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhonsle of the 17th century is considered as "Father of the Indian Navy".
  • Chief of the Naval Staff: Admiral Karambir Singh
  • Commander-in-Chief: President of India, Ram Nath Kovind


Q.1 The Indian Navy Day is observed on?
a. 1st October
b. 11th December
c. 14th November
d. 4th December
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