CSIR-CECRI Partnered 3DLycan- to Produce Face Sheilds

Published on April 09, 2020
Current Context: CSIR-CECRI has developed a series of lab-made Personal protective equipment (PPEs) to fight COVID-19 pandemic.
CSIR-CECRI Partnered 3DLycan- to Produce Face Sheilds
  • PPE’s include Hand sanitizer solutions, as per the World Health Organization recommendations (WHO has recommended the presence of 75% Iso-propanol, 1.45% Glycerol, and 0.125% Hydrogen peroxide and lemongrass oil for fragrance.), Hand washes solutions using coconut oil and Sodium hypochlorite based disinfectant solutions.
  • CSIR-CECRI is also offering digital training to make face masks by interested rural women to help and cater to the needs of the people. A 3D printed face shield with reusable options has been given to the Dispensary staff of CSIR-CECRI to protect them effectively from a sneeze, cough and aerosol communication of the patients.
  • It also launched the preparation method for electrochemical synthesis of hypo-chlorite (Disinfectant) to MSMEs to increase the production rate.


Q.1 CSIR-CECRI partnered with whom to produce face shields for the protection from Coronavirus?
b. 3D Lycan
c. First Launch
d. ROI Minds

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