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NASA to Set Base Camp on Moon by 2024

Current Context: NASA has unveiled the plan of setting up of a human bas camp on the Moon’s the South Pole by 2024. The base camp is named as ‘Artemis’.
NASA to Set Base Camp on Moon by 2024
  • The plan is designed to land humans on the moon by the 2024. The base camp is expected to successfully demonstrate the US’s long-established leadership in space and will serve as a gateway for humanity’s first mission to Mars.
  • Plan for the same is described in the NASA’s report which is submitted to National Space Council. The report is entitled "NASA’s Plan for Sustained Lunar Exploration and Development which summarizes NASA’s vision to humans landing on the moon by 2024.
  • The report also gives information on what the US would achieve from long term presence on the moon and lunar orbit.
  • According to the document, Artemis Base Camp itself would be a lunar foundation surface habitat that could host four astronauts at the South Pole for visits of perhaps a week.

Static part:

  • HQ of NASA: Washington DC, United States


Q.1 NASA’s Artemis Base Camp is expected to work as a gateway to landing humans on which planet?
a. Venus
b. Jupitar
c. Mars
d. Saturn

Q.2 By which year NASA has planned to set up ‘Artemis’ the first human base camp in South pole of moon?
a. 2022
b. 2024
c. 2025
d. 2026
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