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‘Vilokana’ Search Engine---By IIITM-Kerala

Current Context: An Artificial Intelligence Search Engine called ‘Vilokana’ has been developed by the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management- Kerala.
‘Vilokana’ Search Engine---By IIITM-Kerala
  • This search engine provides researchers with deep insights to perform scientific studies and to get a treatment solution to novel coronavirus
  • The name ‘Vilokana’ is based from the Sanskrit language which stands with a meaning called finding out’.
  • The search engine consist of AI based search tools which provide contextual search information from the vast domain of scientific literature and thus guide the researchers to get the proper information in no time
  • The user also has the choice to upload any scientific text for analysis, which can be used for sentiment analysis and knowledge discovery.


Q.1 Which organization has developed a ‘Vilokana’ search engine?
a. IIT-Kanpur
b. IIITM-Kerala
c. IIITM-Gwalior
d. IIT-Bombay
‘Vilokana’ Search Engine---By IIITM-Kerala ‘Vilokana’ Search Engine---By IIITM-Kerala Reviewed by Neha Verma on April 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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