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India’s GDP to be 4.2% in 2019-20

Current Context: National Statistical Office has released the data describing that economic growth for India has slowed to an 11 year low of 4.2% for FY 2019-2020.
 India’s GDP to be 4.2% in 2019-20
  • The GDP was 6.1% in 2018-2019, whereas for 2019-2020 it is marked to be 4.2% and has been marked as the slowest GDP in the 11 years
  • The GDP for the fourth quarter is estimated to be 3.1%
  • The reduction has also lead to per capita income which is unable to cross Rs 1 lakh mark
  • The bank’s deposits has also reduced to minus 53%


Q: As per the National Statistical Office, India’s GDP to be ___% for FY 2019-20?
a. 4.5%
b. 4.3%
c. 4.4%
d. 4.2%
India’s GDP to be 4.2% in 2019-20 India’s GDP to be 4.2% in 2019-20 Reviewed by Shweta Kashyap on May 30, 2020 Rating: 5

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