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‘Turant Customs’—CBIC Flagship Programme

Current Context: The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has launched a flagship programme called as ‘Turant Customs’.
‘Turant Customs’—CBIC Flagship Programme
  • ‘Turant Customs’ is a reformative programme in order to ensure ease of doing business.
  • The flagship programme will make use of technology for faster custom clearance of imported goods.
  • By this programme, importers will now get their goods cleared form customs after a faceless assessment is performed by the custom officers located outside the port of import.
  • It is launched a Bengaluru and Chennai and thus these two palaces have become the first phase of this ‘Turant Customs’ reformative programme. Now, the goods imported to Bengaluru may be assessed by the custom officers situated in Chennai and vice versa.
  • Static Part: 
    • HQ of CBIC : New Delhi
    • Chairman of CBIC: M Ajit Kumar


Q.1 Name the Flagship Programme recently launched by CBIC which make use of technology for faster custom clearance of imported goods?
a. Technology Customs
b. Fast Customs
c. Turant Customs
d. Tech Customs
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