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Report of the Committee for Analysis of QR Code--RBI

Published on July 25, 2020
Current Context: The Reserve Bank of India has released a ‘Report of the Committee for Analysis of QR (Quick Response) Code’.
Report of the Committee for Analysis of QR Code--RBI
  • The report is released under the chairmanship of Prof Deepak B Phatak. He is an eminent professor of IIT, Mumbai.
  • To prepare this report the committee members examined and reviewed the current system of QR codes in India and its impact in the digital payment system.
  • Upon examining and reviewing the current QR system, the members studied the ways to improve the existing QR code and suggested measures to be adopted for the same.
  • The committee suggested recommendations for QR Codes depending upon 4 main pillars namely: Interoperability and Scalability, innovation, Security and Customer education and Awareness. 
  • Points suggested in the report are: Government should grant controlled interchange instead of zero MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) on QR code/UPI/ Rupay Debit card transactions. Merchants who accept payments via electronic mode should be granted with tax incentives. To enhance the usage of QR codes for payment by consumers in India, the government should provide incentives schemes. Proper standardization process should be adopted by banks and non-bank applications in order to offer ease to the customer in transactions via QR codes. QR codes should be equipped with multi-currency and multi-language support. To focus on security of QR codes.
  • Static Part: What is QR Code?: It is a 2D (two dimensional) bar code which consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background. To read and interpret QR code, image devices like smartphone cameras are used. Three types of QR Code payments supported in India are Bharat QR, UPI QR and Proprietary QR.


Q.1 Who chaired the committee which released the ‘Report of the Committee for Analysis of QR (Quick Response) Code’?
a. AS Ramasastri
b. Arvind Kumar
c. Prof Deepak B Phatak
d. Vishwas Patel

Q.2 What type of QR Code Payment system supported in India?
a. Proprietary QR.
b. Bharat QR
d. All of the above
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