‘Tianwen-1’—China’s First Independent Mission to Mars

Published on July 24, 2020
Current Context: China has successfully launched its first independent mission to mars named as ‘Tianwen-1’, which means ‘Question to Heaven’.
‘Tianwen-1’—China’s First Independent Mission to Mars
  • ‘Tianwen-1’ is a combined orbiter, lander and rover.
  • It aims to explore and study the climatic and environmental condition of Mars planet.
  • To reach Mars, the ‘Tianwen-1’ will travel for seven months and then will orbit the mars for about 2-3 months before attempting to land on the planet.
  • It was launched from the southern island of Hainan, China. 
  • Static Part: 
    • Capital of China: Beijing
    • Currency of China: Renminbi


Q.1 Which country launched ‘Tianwen-1’, mission to the mars?
a. Japan
b. Thailand
c. Vietnam
d. China

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