3rd Edition of CRI Index 2020

Published on October 13, 2020
Current Context: The Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index 2020 is released by ‘Oxfam International and Development Finance International.
3rd Edition of CRI Index 2020
  • As per the released ranking in this report, India has been ranked at 129th position among 158 countries. 
  • The CRI ranking index is topped by Norway. The second and third position is marked by Denmark and Germany respectively. 
  • South Sudan has the lowest ranking at 158th position in CRI Index 2020. 
  • The third edition of the CRI index focuses on fighting inequality during the time of COVID-19 pandemic. The index measures what governments are doing to reduce the gap between rich and poor.
  • The report analyses measures adopted by the nation and its government’s policies or actions in major three areas which are related to tackle and reduce inequality.
  • The three major areas of analysis are: Social Spending, Progressive Taxation Policies and Labour Rights. 
  • CRI Index 2020 highlights for India: As per the index report, India is among the world’s worst-performing countries in tackling inequality especially during COVID-19 pandemic. India has spent only 4% of its budget amount on health to tackle COVID-19, which is the 4th lowest in the world. As per the report, only half population of India has access to basic health care remedies.
  • India’s rank is 141 in public service ranking domain with a score of 0.16. 
  • India’s rank is 19 in progressive taxation policies ranking domain with a score of 0.75. 
  • India’s rank is 151 in labour rights ranking domain with a score of 0.35.


Q.1 What is the rank position of India in CRI Index 2020?
a. 155th
b. 117th
c. 99th
d. 129th

Q.2 Which country topped in CRI Index 2020?
a. Germany
b. Norway
c. Denmark 
d. Japan

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