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Skyroot Aerospace signed MoU with Bellatrix Aerospace

Published on February 11, 2021
Current Context: The Spacetech startups namely Skyroot Aerospace and Bellatrix Aerospace have entered into MoU.
Skyroot Aerospace signed MoU with Bellatrix Aerospace
  • They have signed MoU to use the Orbital Transfer Vehicle which is developed by Bellatrix Aerospace in the upper stage of Vikram series of launch vehicles, which is developed by Skyroot.
  • Both the Spacetech startups aim to launch their first mission of a Vikram launcher with an Orbital Transfer Vehicle by 2023.
  • The partnership also aims to reduce the cost of accessing space.
  • Orbital Transfer Vehicle: It is a spacecraft which performs various in-orbit operations like deployment of customer payload to precise orbits, allowing a launch vehicle to deliver satellites to more orbits. It acts as a taxi in space which carries the satellites to their operational orbits.
  • Static Part: 
    • HQ of Skyroot Aerospace: Hyderabad
    • HQ of Bellatrix Aerospace: Bengaluru


Q.1 Which Spacetech startup signed MoU with Bellatrix Aerospace which has developed Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV), and to use the OTV in the upper stage of Vikram series of launch vehicle?
a. Manastu Space Technologies
b. Dhruva Space
c. Skyroot Aerospace
d. None of the above
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