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Mayflower 400

Published on May 13, 2021
Current Context: The ‘Mayflower 400’ is the World’s 1st Unmanned Vessel which is set to navigate across the Atlantic Ocean.
Mayflower 400
  • It is built by ProMare, which is a marine research organisation in partnership with IBM.
  • The ‘Mayflower 400’ will commence its transatlantic voyage on 15th May 2021.
  • During its journey, it will track the aquatic mammals, analyze plastic in the water, and study marine pollution.
  • It is an automatic ship and is a 15-m-long trimaran with a weight of 9 tons. It can handle 50 meters of high waves. It is powered and operated through artificial Intelligence and solar panels.
  • To develop this ship, ProMare had invested $1 million and the technology support was received globally from India, the United States, and Switzerland.
  • It is equipped with a smart captain, high-tech cameras, and radars. It is trained with audio data to avoid collisions, correct its course, detect marine animals, and gather information on the population of the aquatic animals.
  • The ship is also equipped with a self-activating hydrophone which allows it to listen to whales.


Q.1 What is the name of the world's 1st Unmanned Vessel developed by ProMare and IBM?
a. Proship 400
b. Mayflower 400
c. Aprilsun 750
d. Atlan 600

Q.2 In partnership with whom has ProMare, marine research organisation developed ‘Mayflower 400’ - the World’s 1st Unmanned Vessel?
a. IBM
b. Microsoft Corporation
c. Accenture
d. Intel

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