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Conference of BRICS Network Universities

Published on June 18, 2021
Current Context: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay hosted the ‘Conference of BRICS Network Universities’.
Conference of BRICS Network Universities
  • IIT Bombay is the lead institution of India for the BRICS Network University.
  • The conference was held as a part of India’s Chairmanship of the 13th BRICS Summit in 2021.
  • The theme of the conference was: ‘Electric Mobility’.
  • The main moto of the BRICS Network University is to enhance educational cooperation and to have research and innovation works.
  • Around 18 experts from BRICS nations participated in the conference and discussed electric mobility. Around 100 students, researchers and faculty members from the BRICS Network Universities were part of a conference.
  • They held the discussion on topics like traffic management, hydrogen technology, hybrid vehicles, lithium-ion batteries and linkage between e-mobility and livelihoods.


Q.1 Which institute hosted the ‘Conference of BRICS Network Universities’?
a. IIT Delhi
b. IIT Bombay
c. IIT Kanpur
d. IIT Madras

Q.2 What was the theme for ‘Conference of BRICS Network Universities’?
a. ‘Promote E-bike’
b. ‘Green Energy’
c. ‘Electric Mobility’
d. ‘Eco Green’
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