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James Webb Space Telescope

Published on December 26, 2021
Current Context: The James Webb Space Telescope was launched on 25th Dec 2021.
James Webb Space Telescope
  • It is the world's largest and most powerful space telescope.
  • It has begun a one-million-mile journey to see 13.5 billion years into the past.
  • It was launched by boarding on Ariane 5 rocket. It was launched from Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana.
  • It weighs 14,000-pound and will take a one-month duration to reach its destination in the solar orbit.
  • Its destination is roughly 1 million miles from the Earth, four times away from the moon.
  • It is developed as part of the partnership of NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency.
  • The telescope will examine every phase of cosmic history and the evolution of our solar system. It will work to find the first galaxies and will observe the star's formation process.
  • The James Webb Space Telescope has replaced the 30-year-old Hubble Space Telescope.
  • It is named after James Edwin Webb, who was an American government official who served as Undersecretary of State from 1949–1952.

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