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2022 Global Digital Skills Index

Published on February 06, 2022
Current Context: The 2022 Global Digital Skills Index was released by Salesforce which is a Customer Relationship Management platform.
2022 Global Digital Skills Index
  • The index highlights the increasing global digital skills crisis and the requirement to tackle them and take appropriate actions.
  • Among the 19 countries, India has the Index’s highest digital readiness score. India has scored 63/100 on the index.
  • The average global readiness score was 33/100.
  • A survey of 23000 workers in 19 countries was conducted.
  • The index observed the 3 major skill gaps in the current edition of the index. The gaps are generational skills gaps, leadership skills gaps, and workforce skills gaps.
  • In India, 72% of the respondents are actively taking training and learning digital skills in order to make them capable for future work.
  • And 66% of respondents feel the requirement of equipped resources to learn digital skills.


Q.1 Which organization released the 2022 Global Digital Skills Index?
a. Salesforce
b. HubSpot
c. Oracle Corporation
d. Workday
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