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Parboiled Rice and the Debate around its Procurement

Published on April 18, 2022
Current Context: Telangana saw a large-scale protest following the CCEA’s decision to cut procurement of parboiled rice.
Parboiled Rice and the Debate around its Procurement
  • What is Parboiled Rice?
    • Parboiled Rice refers to the partly boiled rice at the stage before milling. This has been a traditional way followed in some states, particularly, the southern ones, to prepare rice suitable to be cooked.
  • Advantages
    1. It has a higher nutritional value as compared to non-parboiled rice.
    2. Its resistance to pests and insects is much higher, making it suitable to be stored for a greater period of time.
  • What is the issue of this variety being less procured?
1. The overall demand for parboiled rice has decreased over the years as per the Ministry of food processing and consumer affairs, also more states have started growing this variety. Telangana, being the largest producer, has registered her resistance to reduced procurement.


Procurement in LMTs*


44.71 LMT


25.62 LMT


5.82  LMT

* LMT - Lakh Metric Tonnes
2. FCI will procure 1.36 Lakh Metric Tonnes from Telangana as against the demand of 5.82 Lakh Metric Tonnes to allow procurement from other states too.
3. As per Paddy Processing Research Centre (PPRC) Thanjavur, the demand for rice has decreased for two main reasons. One, the parboiled rice is relatively darker because of the processing, and two, this rice is not aromatic. The investment is also high as compared to raw rice milling units.


Q.1 Which state is the largest producer of parboiled Rice?
a. Tamilnadu
b. Kerala
c. Telangana
d. Punjab
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