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Govt of India is Planning to Integrate two Important Schemes

Published on May 18, 2022
Current Context: To bring unorganized sectors covered under social security benefits, the Ministry of Labour & Employment planned to integrate both e- shram portal with ration card scheme.
Govt of India is Planning to Integrate two Important Schemes
  • There has been a major chunk of the unorganized sector that still doesn’t cover under any social security schemes as the main issue is the location of worker is acting as a hindrance to accessing this kind of social security benefits.
  • To tackle it the Unorganised Workers Social Security Board was initiated in 2008. The Unorganised Worker Identification Number was initiated in 2015, which enumerates informal and migrant workers.
  • The e-shram system tries to create a social registry of unorganized sector workers, due to which they can reduce the digital divide and gets adequate information about unorganized sectors.
  • Over 25% of unorganized in the unorganized sector were registered under e shram portal out of which 52.39% were women,60.89 percent of unorganized workers are in the 18-40 age group followed by 22.63 percent between 40 and 50.
  • The private sector is the largest employer of migrant workers, and their involvement would help them in many ways.
  • Integrating social security benefit schemes like one nation & one ration card, etc will definitely be a game-changer at the ground level.
  • Furthermore, there were also thinking of linking the electoral database with an e-shram portal to ensure electoral representation.
  • Static Part:
    • E-Shram Portal: Launched on 26th August 2021
    • Ministry: Ministry of Labor & Employment
    • Aim: To register 38 crore unorganized workers such as construction laborers, migrant workforce, street vendors, etc.


Q.1  E-Shram Portal has been launched for which of the following working sectors in India?
a. Organised sectors
b. Unorganized Sectors
c. Socio-Economic Classes
d. Tribal sector
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