PK2: A Treatment Against Diabetes

Published on May 03, 2022
Current Context: A molecular medicine PK2 has been developed by the researchers at IIT Mandi.
PK2: A Treatment Against Diabetes
  • Researchers at IIT Mandi, have been able to develop PK2 which is capable of triggering the release of INSULIN by the Pancreas. It can be orally administered to the targeted patients.
  • It will be a unique panacea for Diabetic patients because it would replace the need for external insulin to be injected to maintain the blood sugar level.
  • A blood sugar level in the range of 90-160 is assumed to be safe. Administering PK2 helps in augmenting many biochemical processes.


Q.1 What is PK2, recently in the news?
a. A Man-portable Missile
b. A Kargil era Anti Tank Missile
c. A vaccine against cerebral palsy
d. A treatment against Diabetes

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