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Govt in talks with RBI to allow RRBs tap Credit Depository

Published on June 27, 2022
Current Context: The Centre is in discussion with RBI to allow regional rural banks to tap its Central Repository of Information of Large Credit in reducing their non-performing assets.
Govt in talks with RBI to allow RRBs tap Credit Depository
  • As of now banks and financial institutions provide credit information with an aggregate fund-based and non-fund-based exposure of Rs 5 crore to CRILC.
  • Earlier, the RBI had allowed RRBs to refer to CRILC and require notifying such lenders as under ‘banking companies’ under Section 45 (A) (a) of the RBI Act.
  • The main objective of this discussion is that center is looking to restructure RRBs and wanted to improve the health of such lenders.
  • As per the report, the gross NPAs of 43 RRBs have improved from 10.4% in FY20 to 9.4% in FY21.
  • For their betterment, the center is also considering allowing RRBs to invest in perpetual debt instruments issued by other banks.


Q.1 Consider the following statements regarding the Central Repository of Information of Large Credit (CRILC).
A. It has been constituted a to collect, store, and publish data on all borrowers’ credit exposures
B.The aggregate fund-based and non-fund based have exposure of atleast Rs 5 crore

Select the correct option given below
a. Both A & B
b. Only B
c. Only A
d. None of the above
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