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Govt amends foreign donation Act

Published on July 02, 2022
Current Context: Central government has made seven amendments to existing rules of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act rules 2011.
Govt amends foreign donation Act
  • Two amendments were done in rule 6 by substituting the words one lakh rupees to ten lakh rupees and thirty days with three months.
  • Rule 13b has been omitted from the fresh rules and in rule 17A, the word forty-five days is replaced with fifteen days.
  • The words like “in such form and manner, including electronic form as may be specified by the Central Government" is also substituted.
  • Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA), 2010 is a law that regulates the acceptance and utilization of foreign contributions by certain individuals or associations, or companies and prohibits any activities detrimental to the national interest.
  • This Act also extends across India and also applies to the citizens of India outside India.
  • It is mandatory for all such NGOs to register themselves under the FCRA.
  • Members Of the legislature and political parties, government officials, judges, and media persons are prohibited from receiving any foreign contribution.


Q.1 Consider the following statements regarding FCRA rules 2010.
A.Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act is only applicable to citizens outside India.
B.It is mandatory for all such NGOs to register themselves under the FCRA.

Select the correct option given below
a. Only B
b. Both A & B
c. Only A
d. None of the above
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