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Only 22% of gig workers in India Primary Earners

Published on July 07, 2022
Current Context: As per the report, 22% of gig workers in India are primary earners who support their families and view their jobs as a core livelihood.
Only 22% of gig workers in India Primary Earners
  • Only 39% co-earn with other family members and view their gig as a temporary transition to a better opportunity.
  • The report is based on a detailed survey of 503 active gig workers from across industries, including city logistics, e-commerce logistics, Flexi-staffing, food services, etc.
  • Most gig workers in India are young, with a median age of 27 years, of which 37% are married, 29% with children, and 28% are migrants, as per the report.
  • Pay levels, job security, and flexible hours are the top three things gig workers seek from their work environment.
  • The report added that almost 80% of gig workers report on-the-job learning of valuable skills.
  • Average gig worker earnings total about Rs 18,000 per month, with assured pay models.
  • Besides 80% of gig workers do not own a credit card.
  • But there is too scarce data on worker identities, household context, needs and aspirations, work patterns, and financial behaviors.
  • This emerging segment is key to a flourishing labor force in India. They require an enabling ecosystem to support them and provide solutions to making them more financially resilient.


Q.1 As per the recent report what percentage of gig workers are primary earners?
a. 32%
b. 22%
c. 65%
d. 51%
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