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Super Typhoon Hinnamnor

Published on September 03, 2022
Current Context: The strongest global storm of 2022, Super Typhoon Hinnamnor, is barreling in the Western Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.
  • Super Typhoon Hinnamnor originated in the Western Pacific Ocean and is expected to affect the southern coast of Japan, the eastern coast of China, and South Korea.
  • It has been classified as a category five cyclone- the highest classification on the scale, with a speed of the wind over 280 km/h.
  • At present, Japan is witnessing its typhoon season and Typhoon Hinnamnor has been classified as 'violent' by the meteorological department in Japan.
  • Tropical Cyclone is an inwardly rotating system of wind with a low-pressure center in tropical areas.
  • Factors affecting tropical cyclones:
    1. warm water body with a mean temperature of 27 degrees Celcius
    2. presence of the Coriolis force
    3. low-pressure area
  • A Tropical Cyclone is named according to the area in which it occurs:
    1. Hurricane – Atlantic Ocean
    2. Cyclone – Indian Ocean
    3. Willy-Willies – Western Australia
    4. Typhoon – Western Pacific and the South China Sea


Ques:1. The tropical cyclone, Typhoon occurs in:
A. Atlantic Ocean
B. Indian Ocean
C. Western Australia
D. Western Pacific and the South China Sea
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