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World Migratory Bird Day observed on 8th October

Published on October 08, 2022
Current Context: The effects of light pollution and its impact on migratory birds are highlighted on World Migratory Bird Day i.e., 08 October.
World Migratory Bird Day observed on 8th October
  • Here, light pollution is referred to as ‘excessive, misdirected or obtrusive artificial light’.
  • The theme of this year is "Light Pollution".
  • It is a serious threat to nocturnal wildlife, among them, especially birds.
  • The impact which light pollution has is regarding washing out starlight in the night sky. It directly or indirectly becomes an encumbrance in astronomical research and it also has adverse health effects and wastes energy.
  • This kind of pollution also leads to disorientation among animals like Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.
  • Different components of light pollution are observed such as Glare, Clutter, sky glow, and Light trespass.
  • Static part- More than 80% of the world’s population lives under lit light, it can cause harm to human health and may lead to sleep disorders.


Q.1 Which one of them is not a component of light pollution?
a. Glare
b. Clutter
c. Light trespass
d. Ozone dissipation
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