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‘Countdown to 2023 WHO Report on global trans fat elimination 2022'

Published on January 27, 2023
Current Context: The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its 4th annual status report on the global elimination of trans fats, titled 'Countdown to 2023 WHO Report on global trans fat elimination 2022.'
‘Countdown to 2023 WHO Report on global trans fat elimination 2022'
  • The report states that despite efforts to eliminate industrially produced trans fats by 2023, 5 billion people worldwide remain at risk of heart disease and death due to harmful trans-fatty acids (TFA).
  • WHO first called for the global elimination of industrially produced trans fats in 2018, with a target date of 2023. 43 countries have implemented policies to tackle trans fats in food, protecting 2.8 billion people globally. However, the target remains unattainable. Trans fat intake is responsible for up to 500,000 premature deaths from coronary heart disease annually.
  • 9 of the 16 countries with the highest proportion of coronary heart disease deaths caused by trans fat intake do not have a best-practice policy. These countries are Australia, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and the Republic of Korea.
  • Most trans fat elimination policies have been implemented in higher-income countries in the Americas and Europe, but middle-income countries, including Argentina, Bangladesh, India, Paraguay, Philippines and Ukraine, have also implemented or are planning to implement such policies
  • A mandatory national limit of 2 grammes of industrially produced trans fat per 100 grammes of total fat in all foods and a mandatory national ban on the production or use of partially hydrogenated oils, a major source of trans fat, as an ingredient in all foods are two best-practice policy alternatives for eliminating trans fat, according to the WHO.


Q.1 Who released the report 'Countdown to 2023 WHO Report on global trans fat elimination 2022'?
a. FAO
b. WHO
c. ILO
d. Both 1 and 2
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