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FSSAI specified identity standards on Basmati Rice

Published on January 15, 2023
Current Context: The identity standards for basmati rice have been established by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The Union Health Ministry announced that the thorough regulatory criteria would be put into effect on August 1.
FSSAI specified identity standards on Basmati Rice
  • These requirements, which apply to brown basmati rice, milled basmati rice, parboiled brown basmati rice, and milled parboiled basmati rice, are designed to create fair business practices in the basmati rice trade and safeguard the interests of consumers both domestically and internationally.
  • According to the requirements, basmati rice must not only be free of synthetic coloring, polishing agents, and scents but also have the distinctive natural aroma of basmati rice.
  • Other identity and quality criteria for basmati rice are specified in the standards, including average grain size and elongation ratio after cooking, maximum moisture limits, amylose content, uric acid content, defective/damaged grain presence, and incidental presence of other non-basmati rice.
  • Since basmati rice is a premium variety and commands a higher price than non-basmati varieties, it is vulnerable to various forms of adulteration for financial benefit, which may include, among other things, the covert blending of other non-basmati varieties of rice.
  • Therefore, FSSAI has adopted these regulatory standards, which were formulated via thorough talks with the relevant government departments/agencies and other stakeholders, in order to assure the supply of standardized genuine Basmati rice in domestic and international markets.
  • The premium form of rice known as basmati is grown in the Indian subcontinent's Himalayan foothills and is prized for its large grain size, fluffy texture, and distinct flavor and scent. The distinctiveness of Basmati rice is influenced by the agro-climatic conditions of the particular geographic regions where it is grown, as well as the technique used for harvesting, processing, and maturing the rice.


Q.1 FSSAI has specified identity standards for which of these commodities?
a. Basmati Rice
b. Coffee
c. Tea
d. Wheat
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