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Government approved the National Green Hydrogen Mission

Published on January 05, 2023
Current Context: The National Green Hydrogen Mission has received approval from the Union Cabinet, which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi chairs. India intends to become a hub for the production, use, and export of green hydrogen and its derivatives, according to the mission.
Government approved the National Green Hydrogen Mission
  • It also aims to promote the production and use of green hydrogen in the country.
  • The mission will work to make India energy independent and decarbonize major sectors of the economy, with an initial budget of INR 19,744 crore ($2.7 billion), including INR 17,490 crore ($2.3 billion) for the Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition program, INR 1,466 crore ($197 million) for pilot projects, INR 400 crore ($53 million) for research and development, and INR 388 crore ($52 million) for other mission components.
  • The National Green Hydrogen Mission aims to develop a green hydrogen production capacity of at least 5 million metric tonnes annually by 2030, along with an additional 125 GW of renewable energy capacity.
  • Positives of the mission:
  1. creation of green hydrogen export opportunities and their derivatives
  2. Decarbonization of the transportation, energy, and industrial sectors
  3. decrease in reliance on imported feedstock and fossil fuels
  4. building up domestic manufacturing capacity
  5. the creation of job opportunities
  6. creation of innovative technologies
  • Implementation:
    • In the implementation stage, the SIGHT program will be used. It has two distinct financial incentive mechanisms – targeting domestic manufacturing of electrolyzers and the production of green hydrogen.
    • The mission will assist the Strategic Hydrogen Innovation Cooperation (SHIP), a public-private partnership structure for research and development. The objectives, deadlines, and magnitude of R&D initiatives shall be appropriate for creating globally competitive technology.


Q.1 What is the initial budget of the National Green Hydrogen Budget?
a. 19,744 crore
b. 19,000 crore
c. 19,500 crore
d. 19,250 crore
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