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India’s first project for Green Hydrogen Blending

Published on January 04, 2023
Current Context: NTPC Limited and Gujarat Gas Limited have jointly launched India's first green hydrogen blending project in the piped natural gas network at NTPC Kawas township in Surat.
India’s first project for Green Hydrogen Blending
  • This project will blend hydrogen with natural gas to create a more environmentally friendly fuel source.
  • The green hydrogen blending project at NTPC Kawas township in Surat will provide H2-NG (a blend of hydrogen and natural gas) to households in the township. It was made possible through water electrolysis using power from a 1 MW floating solar project.
  • The first molecule of green hydrogen produced by the project was set in motion by P. Ram Prasad, head of the project at Kawas, in the presence of other senior executives from NTPC Kawas and GGL. The project aims to create a more sustainable fuel source for households in the township.
  • Green hydrogen is produced through water electrolysis using electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power. This process splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, with the hydrogen being captured and stored as fuel. The oxygen is released into the atmosphere.
  • Green hydrogen has several benefits as a fuel, including being clean and renewable and having the potential to be used in various applications, including transportation and electricity generation. It can also help to decarbonize the energy sector by replacing fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A significant accomplishment that places India at the forefront of the global hydrogen economy is the commissioning of the nation's first green hydrogen blending project.
  • In the past year, India has unveiled a new green hydrogen policy with the goal of promoting the use of renewable energy and encouraging the transition away from fossil fuels. The policy offers a range of incentives, including cheaper renewable energy, a 25-year fee waiver for inter-state power transmission for projects completed before June 2025, land in renewable energy parks, and mega manufacturing zones to support local industries in this transition.


Q.1 Where was the nation's first green hydrogen blending project recently inaugurated?
a. Kachh
b. Ahmedabad
c. Surat
d. Mysore

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