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International year of Millets, 2023

Published on January 02, 2023
Current Context: The Indian government has supported a proposal to designate 2023 as the International Year of Millets, which the United Nations General Assembly has approved.
International year of Millets, 2023
  • The designation of 2023 as the International Year of Millets by the United Nations General Assembly has given the Indian government a chance to celebrate this event and position India as the leading global center for millets. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also expressed his desire for the International Year of Millets to become a "People's Movement."
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) supported India's request to observe an International Year of Millets in 2023 in 2018, and the United Nations General Assembly declared 2023 to be the International Year of Millets.
  • Millets
    • Due to their great nutritional value, millets are a type of grain that is frequently referred to as "Nutri-cereals." Sorghum, pearl millet, finger millet, tiny millet, foxtail millet, proso millet, barnyard millet, and Kodo millet are only a few of the numerous varieties of millet. For many small-scale farmers in Africa and Asia, these grains represent a staple diet. They are also used for brewing, feed, fodder, and biofuels.
    • Due to their higher protein content and well-balanced amino acid profile, millets are more nutrient-dense than wheat and rice. Additionally, they include a variety of phytochemicals that are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant in nature and have medicinal uses.
    • In addition to being climate adaptable, millet grains provide a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc, as well as nutrients like carbs, protein, dietary fibre, and good-quality fat. The cultivation of millet is important since it is not dependent on using artificial fertilizers, making it a sustainable and green option.
  • Initiatives by the GoI
    • Intensive Millet Promotion Project for Nutritional Security (INSIMP)
    • The government raised the minimum support price (MSP) for millet, which provided farmers with a significant financial incentive.
    • Millets have also been incorporated into the public distribution system by the government in order to guarantee a consistent market for the produce.
    • Support for Inputs: The government has started giving farmers access to seed kits and other inputs, creating value chains through Farmer Producer Organizations and promoting the viability of millets on the market.
    • Millets are grains that have been rebranded as "Nutri Cereals" in India, where they were promoted as part of the National Year of Millets in 2018.
    • The International Year of Millets will be celebrated in 2023, with a ceremony hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome, Italy, and a special "Millet Luncheon" hosted by the Indian government for Members of Parliament.


Q.1 International year of millet will be celebrated in which year?
a. 2018
b. 2022
c. 2023
d. 2024
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