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NSE becomes the world’s largest derivative stock exchange

Published on January 30, 2023
Current context: The National Stock Exchange of India is known as NSE. The exchange's daily average turnover in 2022 was Rs 470 crores.
NSE becomes the world’s largest derivative stock exchange
  • NSE has surpassed all other derivatives exchanges to take the top spot. NSE has held this rank for four consecutive months. The exchange came in third in equities behind the derivatives.
  • Positions and information are based on data from the World Federation of Exchanges' statistics. It keeps track of stock exchange statistics from around the world. Essentially, it is a trade association. It was started in 1961 and had a headquarters in London.
  • In 2022, the NSE reached 18,887 points. Its peak is this. Additionally, the NSE saw a surge in liquidity across several sectors, including equities and currency derivatives.
  • The NSE's daily average turnover in equities was Rs. 470 crores. This is a 51% increase from 2021.
  • The Sovereign Gold Bond's Daily Average Turnover was Rs 7 crores. This was a 49% increase from the prior year.
  • Government securities will become available alongside stocks in 2021. They also did a good job. Government securities had an average daily turnover of Rs 3 crores.
  • The NSE will shortly launch the Social Stock Exchange.


Q.1 Which stock exchange has become the world’s largest derivative stock exchange?
a. Bombay stock exchange
b. NSE
c. New York stock exchange
d. Shanghai stock exchange
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