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3rd ‘Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism’ Meeting

Published on February 21, 2023

Current Context:The third Meeting of the India-Egypt Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism held in New Delhi on Thursday called upon all countries to work towards rooting out terrorist networks, infrastructure, their financing channels and preventing cross-border movement of terrorists.
3rd ‘Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism’ Meeting
    •  Both sides discussed way forward to address new and emerging challenges posed by virtual currencies, unmanned aerial systems and misuse of cyber.
    • Some of the counter-terrorism issues they discussed are:
      • Countering terror finance: This involves preventing and disrupting the flow of funds to terrorist groups and individuals. India and Egypt have agreed to work together to address the challenges posed by virtual currencies, which can be used by terrorists to evade detection and sanctions.
      • Misuse of cyber space by terrorists: This involves preventing and countering the use of online platforms and networks by terrorists for propaganda, recruitment, radicalisation, planning and execution of attacks. India and Egypt have also agreed to cooperate on addressing the threats posed by unmanned aerial systems (UAS), which can be used by terrorists to carry out attacks or surveillance.
      • Increasing radicalisation in the region: This involves preventing and countering the spread of extremist ideologies and narratives that can inspire or incite violence. India and Egypt have expressed concern over the increasing radicalisation and extremism in the region, especially among youth, and have agreed to exchange best practices on de-radicalisation programmes.
      • Cross-border terrorism and terrorist entities: This involves taking concerted action against terrorist groups and individuals that operate across borders or receive support from other countries. India and Egypt have reaffirmed their commitment to combat cross-border terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and have called for effective implementation of UN resolutions on counter-terrorism
      • They also discussed ways to enhance bilateral cooperation on counter-terrorism issues.


    Q.1 Which of these is not a field of bilateral cooperation between India and Egypt?
    a. Trade and investment 
    b. Defence and security 
    c. Culture and education 
    d. Space and nuclear energy

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