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Green Hydrogen Hubs were announced in Kerala's budget

Published on February 05, 2023

Current context: The Kerala Finance Minister declared during the state budget presentation that his administration will create "Green Hydrogen Hubs."

Green Hydrogen Hubs were announced in Kerala's budget.

  • For this, the State Government has set aside Rs 200 crores. The hubs would be established in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. The private partner India Hydrogen Alliance, will help implement the project.
  • The plan is to build environmentally friendly hydrogen facilities with a daily output of 60 tonnes.
  • A 150 MW Electrolyser and storage facilities will be installed at the plant.
  • Projects like the Kerala Hydrogen Hub are viewed as a model initiative being started in India for the first time.
  • In some other nations, it has already started. The term "Hydrogen Valley Projects" refers to international hydrogen centres established in various locations throughout the world.
  • The Hydrogen Valley Projects, currently under construction across the nation, are the foundation of the Hydrogen Hub plan. In essence, Hydrogen Valley is a region where businesses engaged in hydrogen generation congregate to construct hydrogen plants.
  • All necessary equipment is there for hydrogen delivery, storage, and manufacturing. Projects for the Hydrogen Valley have already started in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and Australia.
  • Green hydrogen is the hydrogen created when water is electrolysed.


 Q.1Which state has recently announced to make green hydrogen hubs in its budget?
a. Tamil Nadu
b. Gujarat
c. Kerela
d. Rajasthan

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