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India’s first hydrogen-powered internal combustion truck

Published on February 07, 2023
Current context: The H2-ICE truck, powered by hydrogen, is the first of its kind in India and was developed by Reliance in partnership with Ashok Leyland.
India’s first hydrogen-powered internal combustion truck
  • Despite its high production cost, the truck emits no carbon and is considered a clean energy source.
  • The combustion principle in H2-ICE involves two hydrogen atoms combining with one oxygen atom to form water, with the heat energy released to ignite the spark plug.
  • While the truck produces no carbon emissions, it produces nitrogen oxides, considered pollutants in India.
  • It is possible to convert a conventional engine into H2-ICE by making a few modifications, such as changes in valves, spark plugs, and fuel injectors.
  • Francois Isaac de Rivaz first introduced the concept of H2-ICE in 1806; they created an H2-ICE that ran on a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.


Q.1 Reliance in partnership with which company developed India’s first hydrogen-powered internal combustion truck?
a. Tata motors
b. Ashok Leyland
c. Mahindra
d. Maruti suzuki

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