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World Day of Social Justice 2023 celebrated by UN

Published on February 20, 2023

Current context: The United Nations and various international organisations celebrate the World Day of Social Justice on February 20 each year to raise awareness of the relationship between social justice and poverty eradication.

World Day of Social Justice 2023 celebrated by UN

  • The occasion also highlights the need for decent work for laborers and eliminating practices such as manual scavenging. Social justice is a fundamental concept that promotes equal social, political, and economic opportunities for all individuals.
  • The International Labor Organization observes the day with different themes, and in 2023, the World Day of Social Justice will focus on building trust in governments worldwide.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic, Russian-Ukraine war, and climate change-related disasters have disrupted people's lives, leading to a lack of trust in governments.
  • Furthermore, with rising inflation, unemployment, and food scarcity, the social system is fractured, and it is needed to be strengthened.
  • The theme for the 2023 World Day of Social Justice is "Overcoming Barriers and Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice."
  • The UN aims to focus on workers in 2023, many of whom have yet to receive their pre-pandemic incomes.
  • Small businesses have been affected by the rising prices of commodities, making it essential to increase investments, especially in the green economy. The focus is on overcoming obstacles to social justice and creating opportunities for all.


Q.1 On which day does un celebrate World Day of Social Justice
a. February 20
b. February 29
c. February 13
d. February 19

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