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Edelweiss to merge Bharat Bond ETF 2023 and 2025

Published on March 16, 2023
Current Context: Edelweiss mutual fund will merge Bharat bond ETF 2023 and Bharat bond ETF 2025. The Fund of funds will also merge and SEBI has approved this proposal.
  • By this scheme, one can be benefited with higher interest rates and enjoy additional benefits with indexation that will reduce tax liability.
  • Bharat bond ETF 2025 offers an interest of 7.84% and AAA-rated bonds public sector undertakings bonds and assets of Rs.9600crore. Bharat bond ETF-Funds of funds has assets of Rs.3900 crores.
  • The ETF has expense ratio of less than 1bps while Funds of fund has an expense ratio 5 basis points. A basis point (bps) is a hundredth of a percentage point.
  • Bharat bond ETF launched in ETF-April was launched in December 2019 has given returns of 6.5% since its inception. Bharat bond ETF assists Rs.7800crore.
  • Bharat bond ETF funds of funds of have assets Rs.4200 crores and has given returns of 6.5% since launched.


Q.1 Edelweiss mutual fund will merge Bharat bond ETF 2023 and Bharat bond ETF _____
a. 2025
b. 2024
c. 2028
d. 2026
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