First Vehicle Demonstration under Gaganyaan

Published on March 17, 2023
Current context: The test vehicle demonstration has been designed to test the abortion process mid-air, the parachute system that will bring the crew to sea and the recovery of them. The first test vehicle is named as TV-D1 under the Gaganyaan mission.
First Vehicle Demonstration under Gaganyaan
  • The test will take place in May. He first mission without a crew will be only done after the success of two vehicle demonstrations. The second mission will also be an uncrewed one, which will be done after four successful crewed vehicle demonstrations.
  • The first uncrewed mission will be attempted by the end of the year and the second unscrewed mission will be done by mid-2024.
  • The first crewed mission is scheduled at late 2024 or the early 2025.
  • The first vehicle demonstration will use a single liquid propellant based rocket stage to carry the crew to sub orbit.
  • Helicopter based air drop tests are already carried out such that it cannot go out of 10km out if earth’s surface. The tests will take place at more height than 10km.
  • Gaganyaan Advisory Council noted that the testing of Crew escape system and deceleration systems will be supported by four abort missions using test vehicle and integrated air-drop tests.


Q.1 The first crewed mission of Gaganyaan is scheduled at _______
a. 2023-2024
b. 2024-2025
c. 2026-2027
d. 2027-2028

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