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ISRO’s LVM-3 to launch second fleet of 36 Satellites

Published on March 21, 2023
Current Context: This is the second commercial launch of LVM-3 . The launched is scheduled on mArch 26th from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.
ISRO’s LVM-3 to launch second fleet of 36 Satellites
  • The first launch was carried out last year in October. This marked India’s commercial heavy lift-off space.
  • India’s Bharti and UK based company will create a 588-satellite constellation to give high-speed connectivity. These will be placed in 12 rings of 49 satellites each.
  • This launch will be the 18th fleet of the company. OneWEb’s Low orbit earth (LOW) connectivity will provide great connectivity between various enterprises including hard toreach areas.
  • In the last mission, the 36 satellites were launched in a 600km orbit around the Earth.
  • The OneWeb’s India-1 mission in October, only a single satellite was launched carrying onboard Chandrayaan -2.
  • The satellites were initially launched by Russia.


Q.1 OneWeb’s 2nd satellite mission will be the company’s _____ fleet in the LVM-3 launch.
a. 18th
b. 12th
c. 13th
d. 14th
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