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SWISS to be the First in the World to fly with Solar Aviation Fuel

Published on March 05, 2023
Current Affairs: SWISS and its parent company Lufthansa Group have partnered with Synhelion, a Swiss start-up that produces solar aviation fuel. This will make SWISS the first airline in the world to use ‘sun-to-liquid’ fuel. 
SWISS to be the First in the World to fly with Solar Aviation Fuel
  • The process devised by Synhelion uses concentrated sunlight to produce carbon-neutral kerosene. Synhelion is set to build its first facility for the industrial production of solar fuel in Germany’s Julich this year, with SWISS becoming the first airline customer for the solar kerosene in 2023. 
  • The collaboration aims to support and accelerate the development of sustainable aviation fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from air transport.
  • The solar aviation fuel produced by Synhelion is made from carbon dioxide and water extracted from ambient air using a thermochemical process powered by concentrated sunlight. The fuel can be used in existing aircraft engines without any modifications. 
  • The fuel has a lower carbon footprint than conventional jet fuel and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from air transport. SWISS plans to use Synhelion's solar kerosene for its regular flight operations as soon as it becomes available. 
  • The collaboration also involves ETH Zurich, a leading research institution in Switzerland, which will provide scientific support and expertise for the development of solar fuels.


Q.1 What is the name of the process devised by Synhelion to produce solar aviation fuel?
a. Sun-to-liquid 
b. Solar-to-kerosene 
c. Sunlight-to-fuel 
d. Solar-to-liquid
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