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Tamil Nadu government launched ‘Project Nilgiri Tahr’

Published on October 14, 2023
Current Context: The Tamil Nadu government launched ‘Project Nilgiri Tahr’ on October 12, 2023 to conserve the state animal of Tamil Nadu, which is an endangered species endemic to the Western Ghats.
Tamil Nadu government launched ‘Project Nilgiri Tahr’
  • The project has a budget of 25 crore and aims to develop a better understanding of the Nilgiri Tahr population, distribution and ecology, re-introduce the Nilgiri Tahr to their historic habitats, address the threats to the species, increase public awareness and promote eco-tourism.
  • The project will be implemented from 2022 to 2027 and will have a dedicated team of experts and researchers.
  • The project also plans to celebrate October 7 as the Nilgiri Tahr Day in honour of Dr E R C Davidar, who pioneered one of the first studies on Nilgiri Tahr in 1975.


Q.1 What is the name of the state animal of Tamil Nadu that is the focus of ‘Project Nilgiri Tahr’?
a. Nilgiri Tahr
b. Nilgiri Langur
c. Nilgiri Marten
d. Nilgiri Wood Pigeon
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