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Indian Newspaper Day: 28 January

Published on January 29, 2024
Current Context: Indian Newspaper Day is celebrated every year on 28th January to commemorate the launch of the country’s first newspaper in 1780.
Indian Newspaper Day: 28 January
  • The first newspaper was called “Hicky’s Bengal Gazette”, also known as the "Calcutta General Advertiser".
  • It was started by an Irishman, James Augustus Hicky.
  • The day holds profound significance as it commemorates the pivotal role of newspapers in shaping public discourse, promoting democracy, and providing accurate and timely information to the public.
  • Newspapers have become integral to people’s morning routine and continue to play a vital role in enabling informed decision-making, empowering citizens, and sustaining India’s democracy.
  • The “Hicky’s Bengal Gazette” gained popularity during the British Raj for its impartial reporting and opinions.


Q.1 What was the name of the first newspaper in India?
a. Hicky’s Bengal Gazette
b. The Hindu
c. The Times of India
d. The Indian Express

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