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World Braille Day: 04 January

Published on January 04, 2024
Current Context: World Braille Day is celebrated annually on January 4th. This day marks the birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille system, which is a tactile representation of alphabetic and numerical symbols using six dots.
World Braille Day: 04 January
  • This system has revolutionized communication for the visually impaired.
  • The theme for World Braille Day 2024 is "Empowering Through Inclusion and Diversity".
  • This theme underscores the commitment to creating a world where individuals with visual impairments are not only recognized but fully included in all aspects of society.
  • World Braille Day is observed to raise awareness of the importance of Braille as a means of communication in the full realization of the human rights for blind and partially sighted people.
  • It’s a day to recognize the contributions of Louis Braille in helping blind and visually impaired people to read and write.


Q.1 Who invented the Braille system?
a. Alexander Graham Bell
b. Thomas Edison
c. Louis Braille
d. Isaac Newton

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