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8 February- National Opera Day

Published on February 08, 2024
Current Context: National Opera Day is celebrated every year on February 8. This day recognizes the importance of opera as a form of art and entertainment.
8 February- National Opera Day
  • Opera is a piece of performance art that combines music with words or dialogues to create a dramatic enactment of a story. 
  • It involves acting, scenery, costumes, and dance.
  • The term ‘opera’ in Italian means ‘work’, and the text is called the ‘libretto,’ which means “small book”.
  • Opera was born out of the classical music tradition in the West. 
  • It first started in Italy and then spread across Europe to France, Germany, Russia, and England.
  • The first season of opera took place in Venice in 1637.
  • Since its inception, the opera art form has evolved and diverged in numerous ways throughout its history.


Q.1 Where did opera first start?
a. Italy
b. Germany
c. France
d. England

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