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Odisha’s SWAYAM Scheme Offers Interest-Free Loans to Jobless Youths

Published on February 19, 2024
Current Context: The Swayam Scheme is an initiative launched by the Government of Odisha in 2024.The scheme aims to empower residents by offering financial support to ration cardholders and interest-free loans for youth.
Odisha’s SWAYAM Scheme Offers Interest-Free Loans to Jobless Youths
  • Here are some key features of the Swayam Scheme:
    • Financial Assistance for Ration Cardholders: The scheme provides Rs.1,000 livelihood assistance to 95.90 lakh PDS beneficiary families. This is aimed at supporting financially vulnerable individuals in the state.
    • Interest-Free Loans for Youth: 1 lakh eligible rural and urban youth (18-35 years) can apply for loans up to Rs.1 lakh. This encourages entrepreneurship and the establishment of small businesses.
    • Total Budget: The scheme allocates a total budget of Rs.1,237.74 crore to benefit Odisha residents.
    • The application process for the Swayam Scheme is online.
    • Eligible individuals need to navigate to the authorized website of the Swayam Scheme in Odisha, complete the application form, attach all the essential documents, and submit their registration.
    • The eligibility criteria include permanent residency in Odisha, possession of a valid ration card, and youth aged between 18 to 35 years are eligible for the loan scheme.


Q.1 What is the total budget allocated for the Swayam Scheme?
a. Rs.1,000 crore
b. Rs.1,237.74 crore
c. Rs.2,000 crore
d. Rs.3,000 crore
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