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National Vaccination Day 2024: 16 March

Published on March 16, 2024
Current Context: National Vaccination Day, also known as Immunization Day, is observed every year on March 16th in India.
National Vaccination Day 2024: 16 March
  • This day holds immense significance in the country’s healthcare system as it commemorates the launch of the first dose of oral polio vaccine in India by Dr. Jonas Salk on March 16, 1995.
  • The theme for National Vaccination Day 2024 is ‘Vaccines Work For All’.
  • The day promotes awareness and understanding of the importance of vaccination in preventing diseases and protecting public health.
  • It aims to encourage people to get vaccinated, stay updated with their immunisations, and trust in the safety and efficacy of vaccines.


Q.1 Who launched the first dose of oral polio vaccine in India?
a. Dr. Albert Sabin
b. Dr. Jonas Salk
c. Dr. Edward Jenner
d. Dr. Louis Pasteur
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