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23 April - English Language Day

Published on April 23, 2024
Current Context: English Language Day is observed annually on April 23. This day is a significant United Nations (UN) celebration that individuals worldwide commemorate.
23 April - English Language Day
  • The day was first observed in 2010 when the Department of Global Communications instituted language days honoring each of the organization’s six official languages.
  • The theme for English Language Day in 2024 is "Use of Technology for Multilingual Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities".
  • These language days celebrate linguistic diversity and multiculturalism while also advocating for the equal use of the six official languages of the UN.
  • The date, April 23, is traditionally observed as both the birthday and date of death of William Shakespeare, the English language’s most famous playwright.
  • Shakespeare had a significant impact on modern-day English.
  • His creativity with language meant he contributed hundreds of new words and phrases: ‘gossip’; ‘fashionable’ and ‘lonely’ were all first used by Shakespeare.
  • He also invented phrases like ‘break the ice’, ‘faint-hearted’ and 'love is blind’.
  • English is one of the languages of international communication.
  • People from different countries and cultures are increasingly able to communicate with each other in English, even if it is not their first language.


Q.1 When is English Language Day observed annually?
a. April 22
b. April 23
c. April 24
d. April 25
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