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Fincare merges with AU Small Finance Bank

Published on April 01, 2024
Current Context: AU Small Finance Bank (AU SFB), the largest Small Finance Bank (SFB) in India, has announced the merger with Fincare Small Finance Bank (Fincare SFB) effective from April 1, 2024.
Fincare merges with AU Small Finance Bank
  • This merger is in line with the approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) dated March 4, 2024.
  • The merger aims to establish a robust pan-India retail banking franchise by leveraging complementary geographic footprints and product offerings.
  • Post-merger, Fincare’s 59 lakh plus customers will be able to experience and enjoy the best technological services and flagship products (both assets & liabilities) of AU SFB.
  • The consolidation strengthens the customer base and enhances the distribution network, focusing on seamless integration and exceptional customer service post-merger.
  • This strategic move is designed to harness the synergies and complementarity of both banks, creating a stronger, more customer-centric institution.
  • The merger also allows AU SFB to gain access to South India.
  • The focus is to ensure a smooth and seamless integration within the next 9-12 months and deliver exceptional banking services and value to the customers.
  • By March 2025, the merger aims for full integration, combining the strengths of both entities to create a more robust and efficient organization.


Q.1 What is the main aim of the merger between AU SFB and Fincare SFB?
a. To establish a robust pan-India retail banking franchise
b. To gain access to South India
c. To enhance the distribution network
d. All of the above
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