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International Romani Day 2024 – April 8

Published on April 10, 2024
Current Context: International Romani Day, observed annually on April 8th, commemorates the first major international gathering of Romani delegates in Chelsfield, near London, in April 1971.
International Romani Day 2024 – April 8
  • The day was officially declared during the fourth World Romani Congress in 1990, held in Serock, Poland.
  • This day celebrates the culture, history, art, and valuable contributions of the Roma to our societies, while also highlighting the challenges they face, such as systemic discrimination, poverty, and social exclusion.
  • The Roma, originally itinerant court musicians from South Asia, have managed to preserve their unique identity despite being travelers who adapt to the cultures of their host communities.
  • Today, International Romani Day is recognized by all European and international organizations and institutions.
  • The theme for International Romani Day in 2024 is “We exist, respect our humanity”, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and respecting the humanity of the Romani people.


Q.1 When is International Romani Day observed annually?
a. April 1st
b. April 8th
c. April 15th
d. April 22nd
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