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World Quantum Day: 14 April

Published on April 15, 2024
Current Context: World Quantum Day is celebrated annually on April 14th. This day is marked to promote public awareness and understanding of quantum science and technology around the world.
World Quantum Day: 14 April
  • The date, “4.14”, represents the rounded first three digits of Planck’s constant, a value that sets the quantum scale.
  • The theme for World Quantum Day 2024 is "Quantum Leap 2024".
  • This theme signifies the rapid advancements and the potential transformative impact of quantum technologies.
  • Quantum mechanics is the most fundamental theory we have to describe Nature at the level of the elementary particles and forces that constitute our Universe.
  • It has led to the development of revolutionary technologies that impact our everyday lives, such as the semiconductor chips in our smartphones and computers, LASERS, LED lights, and LED monitors, the Global Position System (GPS), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners in hospitals.
  • Future technologies such as quantum computers, quantum sensors, and quantum communication devices may offer new and disruptive applications as well.
  • So, World Quantum Day is a great opportunity to learn more about this fascinating field of science.


Q.1 When is World Quantum Day celebrated annually?
a. March 14
b. April 14
c. May 14
d. June 14
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